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Country Parks

There is plenty of open countryside which is easily accessed by footpaths and bridleways.

The Blean

Blean Woods and Nature Reserve explores the woodlands and villages of The Blean, the area of ancient woodland between; Canterbury, Faversham, Whitstable, Herne Bay and the Marshes of Thanet. Woodlands form the heart of The Blean covering over 3,000 hectares and it remains as one of the most extensive woodlands in the south east of England. This is ancient woodland and is particularly rich and diverse in wildlife, so much so that large areas are specially protected as Nature Reserves or Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The Blean's very nature makes it superb for plenty of outdoor activities, but it really is a walking haven, with miles of footpaths (120 miles to be exact), accessible woodlands, good public transport, plenty of promoted routes and few busy roads. It is one of the few places were some truly car-free days out are possible. For more information please click this link

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